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Redesigned a website
Launched product redesign
Rewrote App from Scratch
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Full rewrite of the discord APP, Thunder, to discord.js v13.1
Wrote a program
Started Writing fs-cook 

A tool written in bash to build Linux tarballs.

RandomCoderOrg/fs-cook: making a better environment for building linux tarballs ( udroid ) (

Launched an iOS app
Designed and built Dayly, a habit tracking app for iOS.
Launched an iOS app
Designed and built the TrailsRoc iOS app. Maps of parks and trails in the Rochester, region. Reached out to the TrailsRoc running/trail advocacy organization during development and they offered to sponsor it as their official app.
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Working on a side project
It's been a while since I started something new. Instead of trying to kick off an entire SaaS project again, I'm keeping it smaller and simple. I'm trying out using AWS Amplify to make a small app to help with a problem we've been having around the house. I may release it or it may stay just on our phones, but it's nice to be building something again!
Jan 21, 2022
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Published a article
I recently started a new job at Uber, and there are many useful tips that can help you get a job in a big tech company.